A Weekend In Charleston SC

Charleston, SC is my legit favorite place to visit so far. Something about the city makes my soul happy. I don’t know if its the fact that its rich in history or the colorful cheer each amazing building brings to its neighborhood. But Charleston is my happy place! This past year has been a real year of work and reflection in my marriage and with summer coming after begging my husband all year for us to go to Charleston as he had never been before He surprised me with a trip for the weekend. His mom had Lucas as she hadn’t gotten much time with him since school started and he was able to take the time off work. This was the first time I got to go and didn’t have to work the entire trip as well so I got to really enjoy it. Im SO excited to tell you guys about the things we did and didn’t enjoy and share our experience with you!

So first things first was our accommodations. We checked out many hotels and unfortunately all of the 5 star more well known locations were fully booked for our trip. We did however find somewhere that wasn’t as bad as the reviews suggested.

So the vehicle we decided to take was a Toyota Avalon (2016) My husband was able to get it from his job. Amazing on gas! Extremely comfortable ride. Drives like a dream and truthfully it was loaded down with features. It was the perfect car for the trip for just us two. Seeing as the car wasn’t our biggest excitement these are all my car pics.

The Hawthorn Suites

We did decide to stay at the Hawthorn Suites. It was about 30 minutes from everything; Downtown Charleston, Tanger outlets, Beaches, etc. It had some pretty sketchy reviews online however when we got there we were pleasantly surprised. We did use our Wyndham Rewards account. This Hotel is a 2.7 star hotel. Extended stay so they had cheaper rates the longer you stay. If I’m being honest most the time if my husband and I go somewhere where we ned to make reservations we will look for an extended stay seeing as most of them have full kitchens, bigger rooms, and cheaper costs. I read a lot of the reviews saying rooms were dirty however when we arrived our room was not dirty had clean sheets. No bed bugs or insects of any kind. The dishes were clean as well as a clean fridge. We would definitely recommend and stay again. We didn’t spend much time in the room so room pictures are in short supply but of course I took some the moment we got there. We did however bring cleaning supplies incase needed as open room availability was impossible to find this weekend anywhere. Thankfully it was not needed. You can sign up for Wyndham Rewards here as well as book your hotels and check your rewards for cheaper and free nights!



So we had breakfast at my favorite place to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Chick-FIl-A! The location we went to was 2013 Magwood DR, Charleston, SC. Located in Ashely Crossing. Let me just say I do not recommend visiting this location. The staff wasn’t the general cheery Chick-fil-a staff. The food was not good at all. It was literally the worst chick-fil-a experience ever. Definitely do not recommend this location.

Taco Boy

This was a restaurant on my Charleston todo list for a while. I had heard it was a great place to grab a bite. We went to the Folly Beach location as I wanted to go to Folly Beach again anyways. However this chain does have 3 locations in the area; Folly beach, Charleston, and Summerville. So when we got there there isn’t a huge availability to park Most people on Folly beach are staying there or pay to park. We did pay to park in the lot across the street I think it cost us only $12 for the entire day it was good until the next morning. And conveniently there was a harbor across the street which I will speak more on below. We took a short walk across the street. Went up a HUGE staircase and I do mean HUGE into a beautiful colorful building where there were some sweet ladies standing at the entrance ready to take our names. It was no trouble to get our name on the list however it was an extremely longer wait than we were warned about. We went to the rooftop bar which I was expecting to be much bigger and we got some drinks from a seemingly tipsy bartender. I got the Mama Coco and my husband actually got the Pineapple-infused Margarita. He really enjoyed his drink and I felt like mine had too much tequila. I don’t think it speaks for the bartender at all though I wasn’t a fan of tequila in Mexico either I just tried it because I thought the fruit would help below the taste. 2 drinks was a total of $20 plus tip. We did end up waiting even longer after getting drinks to get seated. Honestly the seating and hosting situation was a whole mess. However once we got seated service was great! We were greeted immediately and everything was ran to the table quickly. Dinner was AMAZING! I had the Mexican street corn appetizer and it was so good! Then for dinner I had the Queso Birria Tacos. I had 3 but honestly 2 would have done fine! They were very filling! TJ had the Nachos. To be fair if they serve nachos he usually gets them no matter where we go. They were huge and he was definitely happy with them. We also grabbed a couple small things from their little gift shop. A Taco Boy sticker and shirt for Lucas. Even with the wait we had to go through I would definitely go back again! You can click here to check out their menu, hours, and locations.

S&S Cafeteria

This was one of TJs least favorite meals as he doesn’t particularly like this place. We have one back home and I grew up going here with my family many many times. Since moving to North Carolina I haven’t really had S&S but on my last trip to Charleston I noticed as we were leaving they had one and I was thrilled to get the chance to go back and get some. Just as good as Knoxvilles location. My favorite meal here is the chopped steak and the whipped potatoes ( I always get two) and then a strawberry short cake and sweet tea. Literally a place of comfort food for me!

Rodney Scott’s BBQ

For this restaurant we actually stopped a local to see where they would recommend. He was extremely helpful and even drove us over there. We pulled up and were kinda cautious as the line was out the door. Let me just say the line is ALWAYS out the door and its is ALWAYS worth it! I would be late to my own funeral if it meant I could stop at Rodney Scotts and stand in line for their amazing BBQ. Portion sizes were insane! Even with the line out the door it didn’t take took long to get food and it gave time for an outside table to open up as we enjoy eating outside much more than in. They have an amazing sauce they put on their food and our absolute favorite thing to get was the Loaded Tator Truck1 this is an absolute MUST get. This location isn’t really in tourist area but well worth the detour! I couldn’t even say enough about this place! Honestly I could go on for days! JUST GO! We regret not getting some of their sauce though biggest regret but we 100% plan on going back for a day trip to get Rodney Scotts. 3 hour drive and its 100% worth it! Check out the pictures below to see how amazing their food looks! and get an extra sandwich for extra meat well worth it! This was the only place we ate twice as we grabbed some on the way home too. And make sure you grab a bag of skins! We grabbed a few bags on the second trip to eat and take with us. This is a bit pricey for us two we spent around $50 but that also included a tip and such. So not too terrible and not bad at all for what you get. You can check out his menu, prices, and other location here.

Ice Cream Stops

My husband and I had stopped for ice cream each night to try different places and get a sweet treat to end the day with. I had some places in mind and we stumbled upon some but the ones we tried we had mixed reviews.

Republic Ice Cream

This was on my list and of things to do for sure as so many people recommended it. However our honest opinion was it wasn’t worth it. Cute shop for photo ops however the Ice cream wasn’t worth it. It melted EXTREMELY quick we hadn’t even gotten out the shop before it started dripping down our hand and it didn’t taste the best. Had an awful after taste. To be as pricy as it was it wasn’t worth it and if you’re looking for a good waffle cone this one most definitely wasn’t it. Even the homemade Ice cream I make doesn’t melt this fast. It was definitely not put on the repeat list.

Ye Old Fashioned Cafe & Ice Cream

This Ice cream shop made up completely for the one the night before! it was amazing! the portions were insane though! I got a banana split because most places don’t sell them anymore which is truly a shame. TJ got the Reeses Sunday. This shop was absolutely amazing and is on the list of places we will be going during our day trip return. Check out their menu, hours, and locations here.

The Pineapple Hut

So I seen this on someone else’s blog and it was most definitely put on my to do list; well my to eat list! The biggest problem was I knew it was on Folly Beach and had no idea what the name was. As we were driving around I seen some people with them and stopped. I got the Paradise Whip. It is pineapple whip in a fresh pineapple with pineapple pieces and it was AMAZING! Service was quick but we were told we came just in time because normally the line isn’t empty and id believe it since when I got mine the line was piling up! Most definitely a stop that’s worth making! Check them out here this definitely needs to be on your to do list!

Things To Do

The first day we were there we took it pretty easy we drove around found some places to stop and look, ETC. We didn’t want to do too much we just wanted an easy day. So we drove around to see what we could get into.


We stopped at a local Goodwill. I know what you’re thinking Goodwill on a vacation? YES! Highly recommend it as a good way to get good authentic local souvenirs beyond cheesy keychains and t-shirts (which we got those too) We found an amazing Holy City Brewing bottle and a cookie jar that is blue and looks like the beautiful buildings in Charleston. They had a couple cookie jars but we got the blue one and left the rest.

Shop Historic Charleston

This is my favorite place to shop when in Charleston. They used to sell my favorite perfume however they have some now that smells amazing as well. They have all kinds of amazing items to top of a trip to Charleston and it all goes to benefit the Historic Charleston Foundation. This store is tax free shopping as well. From tea to books to perfume and pots this is always a must stop as inventory is always changing. You can help support the Historic Charleston Foundation and shop with them here.

Tanger Outlets

This was somewhere we definitely wanted to stop. We stopped at Coach, Zales, Nike and my husband went in one more store I can’t remember. We definitely got a lot of stuff between the 3 I remember and the service in each one was amazing!

The Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibition

This is an amazing outside art festival from local artists. They display all kinds of amazing art they make and its all up for sale. My husband and I love art and art galleries so this was perfect for us to stumble upon. It is only for specific dates so if you go for this definitely check out their website first to make sure it is on and in season. We got some amazing pieces of art for our home and offices and even a little post card. If you like art then definitely need to go at least once! This is their website so you can keep up with the next art exhibition and all the goings on they have all year! (click here)

Water Taxi

This was a nice way to spend part of our last full day. We paid $12 each and you can take the water taxi to multiple locations. So we spent most of the day on a boat. We left through the Charleston Harbor Marina and came back there. It does however go to 4 total destinations, Charleston Harbor Marina, Patriots Park, Water Front Park, Charleston Maritime center. You could get to pretty much any part of Charleston you want with the water taxi and we met some awesome locals on this tour! We did pay to park there however it was only $6. We hung out on a boat and went around the Harbor and just hung out and it was a great way to spend our day. You can book your all day passes here.

Haunted Jail Tour

We got a big dose of Charlestons gruesome history and an amazing tour! We booked our tour through bulldog tours and if you do any kind of tour definitely book through them. It was easy and fun! Our guide was amazing! The Old Charleston Jail was definitely spooky and I would say it definitely was haunted. It was such a creepy and amazing experience to have and learn so much at the same time! You can check them out here.

Edwin S Taylor Folly Beach Fishing Pier

This pier is located across from Taco Boy. All you have to do is come out Taco Boy and walk through the parking lot across the street (that is where we parked when we ate) and go across the street and there it is. It has an amazing little shop we got a ton of stuff for Lucas there. And a stranger gave us a small sharks tooth they found on the beach! Perfect entrance into the beach and great pier to go fishing off of or go under to hide from rain! Right next to the pier they have beach chairs on the beach free for anyones use.

And there you have it that was our trip to Charleston all the things we enjoyed and the things we didn’t enjoy as much. All of these opinions are of our own and none have been in exchange for any kind of compensation. If you’re planning a trip to Charleston a trip with your spouse or girlfriends is definitely the best way to go! I hope this helps you plan at least part of your trip and if you’re headed to Charleston grab a loaded Tator Truck for me!

Thanks For Reading!

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