10 Things to Start your Fire Pit Season Off Right

Here we are coming to the end of August which means fall is coming quickly ready or not! Along with fall comes fire pit season. I LOVE fire pit season. the last few years we didn’t have a fire pit because our apartment had a strict rule about open flames even in the yard! However before we moved to North Carolina we lived in a house in west Knoxville and let me just say we had a fire going every night if not every night every other night the moment season hit. I live for fire pit season and I am so excited about getting back to this amazing fall tradition this year!

So even though we are still in the butt of summer I have compiled a list for you of things you most definitely need for fire pit season! Go ahead and grab these things up before the season hits and have them on hand!

Disclaimer: This post most definitely contains affiliate links. The way that works is you click the links and purchase then the company pays me a little bit of that for leading you to the product. It doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket except what you were paying for the product. That is how I support my family and how I keep this blog running! If you like any of the products below definitely click the link and help a sister out!

1. Marshmallow sticks

Roasting marshmallows over a fire is definitely a fire pit season tradition! Even with keto I’ll break my keto for a more or two! These sticks are perfect for keeping the ooey gooey tradition alive year after year! They come in a set of five with comfortable handles and stretch as far as 34 inches to help keep your littles away from the fire. 5 colors in each pack so everybody can pick their favorite color! At a little over a $15 price point you can’t beat it. However if you’re a regular entertainer and need quite a few more available on hand Ive included a link for you that better on the budget and offers your guest an opportunity to join in on the fun!

2. Fire Starters

Any wood burning fire pit owner knows you absolutely must have proper fire starters to get the wood burning and the flames warmed up for the show! Ive included some great options below however if you’re looking for budget friendly options you can actually save the lint from your dryer and toilet paper rolls. I learned this trick when my husband and I went camping one year for fathers day. This guy who had a pop up travel trailer attached to his motorcycle with his dog in tow; helped us get our fire started (we had no business camping trust me) and he used lint and a toilet paper roll to help start it which was amazing to me! So these are some good options in which you could use too! Right now there is a deal on the Pine Mountain Extremestart fire starters so you may want to get them quickly before that deal is gone and the price goes up!

3. Lighter

You definitely need something to start the fire! And there are some fancy lighters out there. However a regular candle or utility lighter will work! I linked a 5 pack however you can pick these up pretty much anywhere!

4. Blankets

With fire pit season comes crisp air on cool breezy fall nights. Even with a fire you can still end up a little chilled. So make sure you grab you a cozy warm blanket to cuddle up under! If you need extras or just want a set designated for the fire pit then check out some of these options below!

5. Smores Station

As we said before smores is a big part of fire pit season! So I have included a cute s’mores station box I found on amazon to help keep everything organized while fire pitting (yes it is now a verb).

6. Fire Pit Cover

Now you may think this is not an essential item and you would be right. However having one does protect our fire pit from damage or rust so you can get more use out of it longer! I’ve included some options for different styles and sizes!

7. Drink Thermos

Cool crisp nights bring on warmer drinks all around! Whether it’s coffee or Hot Cocoa make sure you have a thermos to keep it hot! With this and the stores station you could really set up a table and do it up big! I’ve also included a hot drink dispenser that would help you get more mouths warmed up!

8. Table

If you’re gonna have a big thermos and a s’mores station you want to put it somewhere secure! these center fold tables are great! However you can also use an old sofa table or side table or even an old dresser and then all you would need to do is seal it to be weather proof to last and when fire pit season is over use it to store small gardening tools and hold potted plants!

9. Chairs

Sometimes fire pit season means creative seating. We have some old tree stumps we are thinking about using in order to get enough seating. We also have those fold up chairs that you can use at sporting events. But there are plenty of options for fire pits!

10. Fire Pit (DUH!!)

Of course you need a fire pit! There are so many good options to choose from however Im going to list a few but the options are endless. We went for a cheaper fire pit as we didn’t want to fork out too much money into a fire pit however they have metal ones. kits to build them, wood burning, gas burning, sets that come with seating, and more!

And there you have 10 things you need to start your fire pit season off right! Until next time!

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