Tuna Salad 2 Ways

I’m a very snacky person and Tuna salad is one of the easiest snacks and I can make a bunch of it! So easy So good and can fit into my keto diet! However I actually made two batches this week one keto one not!

So with Tuna salad its hard for me to give exact measurements. I feel like this is one of those meals that’s really a “to taste” kind of thing. So I’m gonna tell you what I use but you can add as much as you need to.

So I started off with 10 cans of tuna. I hate making tuna salad all because I hate opening the cans. However once that part is done Im good! So I use tuna in water. I just think it tastes better personally.

I dump all of my tuna in a nice big bowl. I then add dill. I love dill especially in tuna! I would say probably 2-3 spoons of dill will be sufficient but again it is to taste thing.

Next I add in a couple big spoons of mayo. You can also add greek yogurt but personally I prefer mayo as it doesn’t make it as thick plus it has zero carbs so you can literally use as much as you want. Just use full fat!

Next I add onion powder. This does have carbs but it has generally less than actually onions just use in moderation. You could also use Lipton onion soup mix as it has a low carb count. then I salt and pepper to taste and trust me it is phenomenal! Occasionally I do add eggs or avocado to the mix however I don’t always as it doesn’t really need it!

Now my family doesn’t do keto with me neccesarily so for theirs I will split it in half and then ad a regular onion. For theirs I will normally add 1 large onion however I do chop it rather small. I also add quite a bit of craisins which are most definitely not keto but with the onion and onion powder and craisins gives it a sweet a savory taste and trust me its good too!

And really it’s that simple. Good by itself or stuffed in a pepper or if you choose a keto brand bread would make a great sandwich! I hope you guys enjoy this recipe let me know what you think! Until next time!

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