5 Surprisingly Keto Foods

If you’re starting out on keto let’s face it you’re probably looking at recipes and wondering “what can I actually eat besides almond flour, water, and meat?”. Little did you know there are plenty of things you are already eating that are actually okay on the Keto Diet depending on how you are doing yours. There have been plenty of things that surprised me when I looked at the label fully prepared to throw it out and say goodbye forever.

Starting out on keto can be rough especially if you’re an everyday bread and pasta lover like myself. But when you truly evaluate your keto and stick to it its well worth the lifestyle change.

I as much as anyone can get stuck on eating something very often over and over again but a diversity in products lets us keep our menu interesting and lifestyles like Keto or even gluten free often bring the amount of products we have at our disposal down. But thankfully here are 5 products you can add back to the pantry and keep on hand to help spice up the menu.

1. Alfredo Sauce

This one was highly surprising to me. I love a good hot bowl of chicken Alfredo. It is definitely one of my comfort foods! These days I leave out the pasta and sub for vegetables. But the sauce really makes the meal. RAO’s and Bertolli brand are both only 2 carbs per every 1/4 cup of sauce. heat up some sauce measure it out and pour over your serving of meat and vegetables and there you have it!

2. Salad Dressing

Salad dressing was one I really thought I may have to give up but I was surprised to find that most dressings have less than 5 carbs per serving and even better ranch has 2 carbs per servings. Bolthouse farms also has a good selection of dressings that have anywhere from only 2-3 carbs per serving as well.

3. Milos Sweet Tea

If you’re a southern like me then sweet tea is life and let’s face it we all have a favorite brand. But Milo’s (my favorite brand) has a zero calorie tea that only has 1 carb and <1g is dietary fiber! a serving is 12 oz and this is perfect drink in between making sure you get enough water that way just for a pallet cleanser!

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes was a big shocker for me. I truly figured they would have more carbs than they do but with only 4.8 carbs in a medium tomato and 1.5g being dietary fiber they are perfectly fine to add in moderation to any keto meal!

5. Strawberries

In the past when I have wanted a sweet treat I loved getting in the fridge and grabbing strawberries. A single medium sized strawberry has less than one carb. So grabbing a few at the end of the night or for a quick snack in moderation and being aware of the size of each one is perfectly fine!

Maybe you were already aware of these or maybe this is all news to you but hopefully this helps you expand your keto pallet and gives you a little wiggle room for dinner drinks and and snacks alike. Let us know what Keto items you love that others may not know are keto below in the comment section!

Until next time!

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