No Stuff Just Memories: Memory Making Gift Ideas For Littles

If you’re like me then you have probably started your Christmas shopping early. You have probably also already started cleaning out a crowded room where every toy ever made goes to die after Christmas and birthdays. Am I right? Yeah I thought so. So I have compiled a list of things you can ask for this year to help make memories and not messes this coming year!

1. Zoo Tickets/Membership

The zoo is a great way to get the kids out of the house and make memories all year long. Most zoos also have winter festivities like visiting Santa or Christmas tree lightings that make year long memberships the best option.

2. Aquarium Passes/Tickets

Aquariums are another good activity that you can take them to over and over. It doesn’t get old as they are always adding new exhibits and activities. This can be a couple hours or a whole day activity to wear them out. Bonus this one is usually inside so warm winter activity!

3. Theme Park and Attraction Tickets/Annual Passes

Where I’m from DollyWood is the way of life. (Can you guess where that is?) A annual pass is just a little over what a day pass to Disney costs. Many theme parks have reasonable ticket prices for day and annual tickets that can make those boring weekends or days out of school more fun.

4. Children’s Museums

Children’s museums have plenty of fun things to do. Are great for rainy days and offers learning while exploring. It’s a great way to introduce kids to space, dinosaurs, art and more in a way thats both fun and easy to understand.

5. Play Places

Indoor playgrounds and play places are popping up everywhere. Great all year long and a great way to guarantee some tired littles when you get them home.

A lot of parents are transitioning to asking for memory making items and not toys. So hopefully this post helps you with ideas to put under the tree so they can put more pictures in scrap books and memories in their hearts.

What kind of memory making activities do your littles like or do you plan on gifting this year?

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Until Next Time!

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