Night Time Cleaning Routine

It is so important to have a night time cleaning routine in order to set up the next day with a fresh clean pallet. I know I know if you’re a mom you’re saying…”why even bother? its just going to be messed up the next morning”. I know I get it. One thing I always say is I feel like I’m always cleaning. But trust me having a clean house is the perfect way to start the day off easier and with a bit less chaos so most mornings go a lot more smoothly.

So to help you get started on setting up your own night time cleaning routine I figured I would share mine and you can tweak it as needed! I’ve made it in a PDF format so you can print it out and use it or you can print out the blank copy and fill in the lines with your own.

Consistency is definitely key when it comes to cleaning routines as if we let it slide too many times in a row we will just get off routine all together.

Included in my night time routine are the things we do every night to make our mornings smoother and give us a fresh start. However on occasion we may throw in a load of laundry or fold some, and once a week we do include trash in our night time cleaning routine; which is just taking our trash can down to the road as we take the bags out as they fill.

I know its hard to start new routines but this is definitely one you will not regret! I try to keep mine sweet and simple so it doesn’t take up most of my night but sometimes I’m a little tired or there is a little more dishes or dirt and it takes longer.

I’ve attached my routine below as well as the routine checklist you can download and fill in with your own routine!

Hope this helps! Until next time!

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