No Stuff Just Memories: Memory Making Gift Ideas for Women

Many people are transitioning to not wanting more stuff and trying to minimize clutter and chaos in their space. Thats why memory making gifts are perfect for everyone!

This list focuses on women; each gift on here would make a wonderful gift for any woman single or married; kids or no kids.

1. Vineyard Gift Cards

Gift cards to local vineyards are a great gift for any wine loving woman. If a vineyard nearby doesn’t have gift cards available you can sub a visa gift card with a cute little note and a bottle of wine.

2.Theme Parks Tickets/passes

Adults love theme parks too and it definitely makes for a fun day off work or date day.

3.Self-Care Gifts

Certificates to the nail salon; hair salon, etc are perfect holiday gifts for the over-worked woman in your life! While these aren’t exactly memory making gifts self-care is much needed and will be more appreciated than another sweater or piece of decor they don’t need!

4. Gift Cards for Restraunts

I always heard growing up that gift cards were insensitive and not very personal. But It’s becoming more and more popular to give them especially when you have someone who prefers not to add to the clutter. Gift cards to ones favorite restaurant or even fast food place is a great way to show you know them and say “This ones on me”.

5. Classes

This may be one where you’re like ummm I don’t know about this but hear me out! This is a great way to give an adult a fun experience. If they have ever wanted to paint with a twist; create pottery, take a dance or cooking class; this is the perfect gift!

There are so many options for memory making gifts that take up no space in one’s home and leave a lasting impression but these were definitely some of my favorites.

What kind of memory making gift are you looking for this Christmas season?

Hope this helps! Until next time!

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