Budget Friendly Craft Supplies to Keep the Winter Blues Away

Let’s face it winter brings cheer and joy. But for parents like me it also brings back the “no we can’t go out today it’s too cold”. Or “only for a couple minutes and you need a coat, hat, and gloves.” Winter brings a lot of inside days and “mom I’m bored” when you have littles. So to keep my little happy and my sanity intact we often do alot of crafts and DIY projects. This year I started picking up supplies early and I’m giving you guys the cheat sheet to your shopping list for holiday craft supplies and even some kits!

1. Ribbon

Ribbon is always an easy craft supply that is actually very versatile. Use it to tie things, cut snippets to glue, etc. Dollar tree has 12ft spools for $1 as well as some with cute little trucks and everything! Perfect for Christmas crafts!

2.Paint your own Ceramics

These cute kits from the Target Dollar Spot are only $3 each and come with everything you need. one light up ceramic, paint, and brush perfect to keep your little entertained and make a super cute keep sake for years to come.

3. Jingle Bells

Jingle bells are perfect to have on hand. String them glue them whatever you need they are perfect! Dollar tree offers each of these green and red ones for $1 per pack and the red ones would look perfect as Rudolphs nose and the green ones bells on an elf shoe!

4. Rudolph Pom Pom Craft

This little craft is perfect because for $1 at the dollar tree you can literally get everything you need for a cute craft to stick on the fridge minus the glue (and dollar tree has that as well!). This is perfect for your little or for a cheap craft for a class!

5. Glitter

Yes I know glitter is MESSY! I love glitter for crafts though especially during the holidays. These cute little glitters are going to be used in our snow globes we make and each $1 pack from dollar tree comes with 3 kinds. Target dollar spot also had some glitter I got last year in cute jars. We used some for a school craft for Lucas it turned out perfect! So I’m hoping for cute little options this year too!

6. Empty Ornaments

Empty ornaments always make a great craft whether its glitter, paint, or crayons inside they always make for a great little craft! Dollar tree has a ton of different kinds and these are the ones I got to make snow globe ornaments since the snow globes were sold out when I went back.

7. Paint your own

I love these little paint your own nutcrackers I found at hobby lobby! They are 8.99 and are marked down as well as all the other holiday stuff. However Target dollar spot has the same things as well as others for even cheaper last year so it may be worth it to pit stop to your local target to check beforehand if you’re on a budget!

8. Wooden Candy Boxes

This is a great craft for kids to do and can even make a great gift just do one or two at a time tie some candy in a bag and stick in-between in the wooden box space and boom easy creative gift!

9. Wooden Christmas mask sign

These are so absolutely adorable! They had multiple kinds Santa, reindeer, and elves. Perfect quick and fun craft that you can use later for interactive games.

10.Color Your Own Bag

These cute little bags are perfect for little littles who aren’t quite ready for paint and glitter in the big leagues yet!

11. Foam Sheets

Foam Sheets are again perfect for those little littles who aren’t ready for the big leagues as they can draw on them with markers and crayons rather easy to decorate. They can also withstand some glue and glitter if your older littles want to join in!

12. 3d Craft kits

These are cheap easy ways to decorate mantel pieces or shelves in different rooms. Have your littles or yourself paint and apply some glitter and you got a cute little $1 decor piece!

13. Wooden Signs

These cute wooden wreaths and signs are big enough to keep them busy and cute enough to put up on a shelf, mantel, or door! You could even apply vinyl to the empty ones for a cute personal touch!

14. KiwiCo crates and crafts

We love Kiwico crafts as an option. They offer subscriptions which are rather cheap but if you don’t want to subscribe you can always go click this link https://www.kiwico.com/Refer?i=BrandeaM (that link gives you $10 off your first purchase) and go to the store where you can buy just one craft like these cute Santa wobblers. The store is a great way to get bigger craft kits for a good price. While some options in the store aren’t always budget friendly these little wobblers are perfect and a great craft for the entire family!

And there you have it! So many options all budget friendly for the mom or teacher in need of a little winter blues resistance this coming season! Let me know what your favorite holiday supplies or kits are and feel free to tag me on instagram on any crafts you do this holiday with any of these products! Instagram- http://www.instagram.com/brandeamiller @brandeamiller to tag me in your fun holiday crafts!

Until Next Time!

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