Get To Know Me

I guess it’s time to introduce myself. Maybe you’re wondering maybe you’re not but I find it important to know a little bit about the voice behind the words.

My name is Brandea. I’m married to my high school sweetheart. I have two kids. Alicia, who would be 9 if God hadn’t needed her back. And Lucas, my preemie baby, who is now 6. We live in North Carolina but we are originally from Tennessee.

I love minimalistic homes and decor. I am working my minimalist journey. I can’t stand unorganized or clutter. I love a clean slick look. I love white furniture even though my husband isn’t as big of a fan.

I am considered a visionary. I am creative, fun, innovative. I can reuse or make just about anything into something new. I am a heck of an event planner and I actually used to do it professionally. I was even offered a job at a country club once to do so but we moved to NC to start fresh so I did turn it down. When it comes to events and parties I’m REALLY good.

I have a podcast!! Season one is out anywhere you listen to podcasts! I talk about parenting, a little about work, and I definitely give my opinion. Season one was rough and a learning experience. However Season 2 is going to be good so go give it a listen and subscribe so you don’t miss it!

I own an advertising business with the hubs as well. I also have a soap company I am trying to get up and rolling slowly but surely.

I love a good devotional and currently am counting down till the holidays start so I can start on Candace Cameron Bure’s holiday devotional “Bring On the Merry”. You can purchase it here and do it with me this holiday season!

I thrive on rain. And I am a full believer in smudging not only for purifying the energies in your space but also for purifying the air and your home from bacteria.

As I said before I am crafty and one of my favorite things to do is to do crafts with my little. I use a lot of what I have on hand but in all fairness I keep a lot of stuff for crafts on hand. I try to mix it up so he isn’t bored. One thing I can’t stand to hear as a parent is him say “I’m Bored”. So we do try to mix it up quite a bit!

I cook A LOT for my family. I have always preferred a home cooked meal over fast-food or even restaurant food. I hate doing the dishes but the food is worth it even before we got a dishwasher. I am keto but my family isn’t. So I do often make at least my son different food. However it gives me time to try new kid friendly things for him that I don’t or won’t eat. But thats where pretty much all of my recipes for the blog come from is from my head to a plate to the website! Hopefully you guys have tried a few and found some you liked!

I love to travel and wish I could more. My hubs and I took our first ever trip together just us this summer and it was amazing! I would love to hear some of the places you have been and loved or not loved!

And that’s all there really is to it! I’m a mom, wife, business owner, hustler, and more everyday. I love to cook, eat, travel, and inspire creativity in my little. I work often and I play hard when I’m not working.

Tell me something you would like to share about yourself in the comments!

Until Next Time!

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