Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow and let’s face it some of us moms are celebrating all weekend with fall festivals, trunk or treats, and even some door to door trick or treating! It’s important to be safe when trick or treating as there are tons of littles around and each one needs to make it home safely. So we have some safety tips for you today to ensure smooth sailing through the holiday weekend.

For Adults

1. Don’t Drink and Drive

We hear it all the time but some people still need reminded. With all the festivities this weekend you want to make sure to call a Lyft or Uber and make it home safely for trick or treating with the littles tomorrow night.

2. Know Your Limits

With halloween comes halloween parties for kids as well as adults only! Make sure to know your limits such as if you start to black out about 7-8 drinks then stay closer to 3-4 for the night that way you can stay coherent enough to still be aware of who is around. Last thing you want to do is get in the wrong Uber or Lyft or a vehicle that isn’t there for you at all.

3. Only Drink Safe Drinks

Safe drinks means drinks you poured yourself, drinks you have kept your eye on the entire time, fresh drinks after leaving your drink unattended, closed bottles or straight from the keg (no punch bowls). That way you can be aware of what is in your drink or who may have been near it. Even if you turn your head for a second that is long enough for someone to throw something in it so make sure its covered completely or just get a new one to be safe.

4. Travel in a Pack

Make sure you aren’t out alone whenever you can avoid it. Make sure to go to the bathroom, bar, car, or anyone else with other people that you know and trust!

5. Don’t go Home With Strangers

I get it it you’re young and it’s the time to have fun but make sure you don’t go home with someone you don’t know. Drive yourself to and from the party, not over doing it while drinking so you can be aware enough to call your own ride, and traveling in packs can help with making sure you are surrounded by trusting people or that your friends don’t leave with the tall dark and handsome psycho at the bar!

Tips for Trick or Treating With Littles

1. Safe Locations

Make sure you pick safe locations to trick or treat in. Even if you go door to door make sure its well lit areas that are being trick or treated by other parents. My town has a few neighborhoods that pull together door to door trick or treating with other festivities in the neighborhood so that it’s a safe environment for all.

2. Travel in Groups

Grab some other mom and dad friends and trick or treat together! Its a fun way to have a group activity but also more eyes on all the kids to make sure everyone is safe!

3. Make Sure Candy is Wrapped

While I doubt anyone is giving your little weed gummies or pixie sticks full of cocaine. It’s always best to be safe not sorry as there can be other things added to candy that may not be safe, so any unwrapped candy should be discarded and thrown away!

4. Glow Sticks

When the sun goes down I don’t know about you but for this mama it’s a bit harder to see regardless. So even in a well lit area we are using glow stick necklaces so that not only can we see our little but our little can see us too. The dollar tree offers these necklaces in packs of 4 for $1!

And there you have it! 9 tips for a safer Halloween this year! What are your favorite tips for Halloween safety?

Until Next time!

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