10 Keto Staples For Beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere and everyone can use a little help. One thing I wish I had known when starting keto was some items I would need in order to make majority of keto recipes. So I am here to help! The biggest staples you need in your pantry and fridge!

1. Avocado Oil

I love using avocado oil for cooking and baking. It’s a healthy fat thats great for Keto recipes.

2. Almond Flour

Any baking or cooking almond flour is going to be your best friend. This is also a gluten free option as well!

3. Coconut Flour

This gluten free option is going to aid in baking and cooking as well. Some recipes will call for one or the other almond or coconut but some may actually call for both. You definitely want to have it on hand!

4. Monkfruit/ Erythritol

These options are my favorite two for adding sweetness to recipes and staying in my keto. I often get a sweet tooth and this makes it easy to stay on track and are two of the more popular options in keto recipes.

5. Xanthan Gum

This is very important in baking for keto and gluten free options. This will help hold your recipes together and thicken them in place of cornstarch with many less carbs.

6. Heavy Cream

Heavy cream is a life saver. Great for meals or desserts. Makes for a great sweet treat when whipped up with some keto sweetener.

7. Nuts

Almonds, pecans, and macadamia nuts are all low carb delicious snack options to keep on hand.

8. Zucchini

Zucchini is a great item to keep on hand whether it be needed for a side for lunch/dinner or whether it be needed to make zucchini bread or muffins. Definitely a great low carb staple!

9. Cheese

Cheese in pretty much every recipes for dinner that is keto. Bake some in a pan and it makes a great snack. add it to lunches. Its great for every keto meal and with so many options you’ll never run out of flavor.

10. Nut Milk

Yes I am aware how weird that sounds but Nut milks or almond and cashew milks are great ways to still get milk in but drop your regular milk carbs. You can also make almond and cashew milk pretty easy and with almond milk you can also make your own almond flour afterwards for a great way to diy and no waste at the same time.

These are just a few of the staples that are important in the keto diet. There are plenty more things you need to keep on hand to be successful in your Keto journey however as a beginner I wish I had someone telling me exactly what to get instead of figuring it out as I go or as I found recipes to try. Hopefully this helps you stay on track and make all the yummy Keto meals you want!

Until Next time!

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