5 ways to show and teach your littles love on valentines day

There are many ways to celebrate holidays and many different traditions to choose from. However valentines day isn’t usually about tradition for most. But today I wanted to bring you a small list of fun things you can make traditions that show love to your child and set and example for them on how to show love to others.

1. Care Packages to the Elderly

One way to show love to others and lead your child by example is to set up care packages for the elderly. It’s possible that many of their loved ones are gone and common for spouses to have passed so this is a kind way to let them feel loved on valentines instead of alone. Allow your little to help pick out items for the care packages and even write notes and package. If possible (depends I’m sure with covid and all the new practices) they can even help you deliver them to the care facility or hospital or their home.

2. Unplug for the day

Valentines day is all about love and caring and all that mushy stuff. So why not make ti a day where you put down the phone, laptop, and tablet and just hang with the kids. This is a great time to cook dinner together, do puzzles, color, build Legos and more.

3. Gift Cards

Gift cards are easy and can be rather cheap to hand out. Allow your little to pick out different ones and pass them out to random people throughout the day. Help guide them on who to give them to if they are too young. Good examples would be the cashier at the gas station, the server at breakfast lunch or dinner, or the girl at the drive through. The possibilities are endless and you can easily limit the number of gift cards you buy to fit your budget.

4. Food

Bringing another family food for valentines day is a great way to serve others and show love while teaching your children to serve and show love as well. You can bring a casserole or a basket full of the ingredients for a dinner on us kind of thing. It’s becoming more and more common to stay in on valentines day especially when there are kids involved and many people are making cooking at home more of a tradition on valentines day. Just make sure to pack a dessert too!

5. Visit Family

A good way to ensure a fun valentines day for your little as well as for others is to set up a small visit with family. Set up lunch with a grandparent or play date with cousins. Make it at their home or the park. You can even make this a full family affair and everyone gets together and has dinner if the family don’t have plans. This is one of my favorite ways to show love to others and feel surrounded by love on valentines day as well.

and there you have it 5 easy and fun ways to teach your Childrens to serve others, love others, and spend unplugged time with them on valentines day so that they can feel the love too!

We would love to hear your favorite valentines day traditions so comment below! Until next time! XOXO

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