3 Memberships Every Parent Needs for All Year Fun

As parents we want to take our kids and do fun stuff. We want to keep them entertained and we want to make memories with them. One of my favorite memories growing up was our family would constantly go on vacations to pigeon forge. We didn’t have a lot of money but we would generally get a really good deal on a cheap hotel. My mom, step dad, and grandmother would often pick one or two BIG attractions for us. Most years we had a season pass to Dollywood. Then we would look around in shops maybe buy here and there and do smaller attractions. That pretty much made up most of my childhood and teenage years. Where I come from (Knoxville, TN) Pigeon forge was even a date. We however would do other things around knoxville that kept it interesting as well.

It’s cold right now and spring and summer feel like a million miles away. Most people see fall and winter as stay in the house weather. Which can actually attribute to what people experience as seasonal depression. However there are plenty of ways to keep the cold months fun and entertaining. These 3 memberships are great all year long and in many cases have events or themes through the year in all seasons to ensure you never get bored!

1. Museums

Museums are a great inside activity for hot summer days, rainy spring mornings, frosty fall afternoons, and of course freezing winter days. Lucas was very young when we took him to his first museum and we have been visiting them ever since. He loves to look at all the exhibits and the one we first took him to even had a fun gift shop where you could buy photos of exhibits, T-shirts and more. However you don’t have to buy from the gift shops if you’re like us we prefer not to get tons of little random toys every time we go. But in the winter there is nothing better than putting potato soup in the crockpot, getting dressed and warmed up and visiting the museum for the day. A fun inside activity to escape the weather no matter hot or cold. Memberships usually start off pretty cheap and sometimes are offered to fit a family instead of each individual person! Plus you can pack a lunch and head to a close by park in the summer or have a car picnic in the winter and just make a day of it all!

2. Zoos

Now you may be thinking that the zoo probably isn’t the place you want to go in the winter, however most zoos offer inside exhibits that you can enjoy with your littles during the colder months. Zoos are great all year long and just like museums often hold events throughout the year. Zoo memberships are cheap in most cases and they also usually offer a family membership. A lot of these memberships are paid annually and either cover or give a hefty discount on parking, food, and gift shops. Don’t worry though if it gets too warm inside there are plenty of animals who love the cold weather and zoos usually have technology and equipment in the rocks and walls that help keep them at a safe temp while they can still enjoy the outside.

3. Aquariums

Man do I love an aquarium! One of the first things we done when we moved to North Carolina was visit the aquarium. It was so much fun! We got a cheap fun pack that they offered that made the experience even more fun for chump and we had a blast. He loved it! We also enjoyed the aquarium for his first birthday. Aquariums aren’t as expensive in membership compared to theme parks. They often offer family memberships as well. Truthfully depending on your local aquariums size it could be an all day thing. Pack a lunch or grab lunch if they have a cafe and have a blast looking at sharks, fish, and organisms. Learn about shark’s teeth, or crab’s shells, and just have fun!

These 3 memberships can make a difference for you and your child when it comes to making memories and having fun even in the down months of winter and fall. It helps keep them entertained as well and many museums, zoos, and aquariums offer free admission or discounts to events they host throughout the year as well so they can ultimately save you on that Christmas, Halloween, or summer event you have been dying to take your littles to. It’s definitely worth the investment!

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Until next time XOXO

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