My Keto Favorites & Must Haves Shopping List

Often times we need a little extra help or time finding Keto options in the grocery store. So today I have compiled a list on Walmart’s website that has so many items and options. Now while every option don’t say “Keto” on the package the proof is in the nutrition facts (and I use them regularly). I will continue to add to this list as I know I forgot some items.

Now to be completely honest most items that say keto on the package worry me. I have tried quite a few “keto” labeled items and they all have an awful taste. Yeah I said it! There is an awful after taste. They are so bad in my opinion. So the few Keto labeled products are those that actually taste good and don’t leave that stevia after taste in your mouth. I rather use regular every day items in my meals that people don’t always think of but that I know taste great and are low carb. With that being said this isn’t an ultimate list of keto options but its pretty good so far and will continue to grow. No one said Low carb meals and snacks had to suck.

So all you have to do is click the link and it should take you directly to the list!

Keto Must haves and Faves List-

It’s free and that simple! This way you can add them to your own list or cart and have them delivered or use Walmart pick up to get all of your yummy keto treats, meals, and sauces!

Are there any items I should try and add to the list? If so drop it below in the box and if I get enough items I maybe even do it as a YouTube video so you can see a genuine reaction!

Until Next Time! XOXO

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