Parent Unplugged Challenge

So many of us are so engulfed in our devices and social media that often times we forget that not only do we for our mental healths sake need to unplug got a bit every now and then we forget that sometimes our children needs us to unplug as well. There is something about unplugging putting the phones and tablets and other devices away (even if that means you miss a photo opportunity) and just connecting with your child. One thing I have made it my focus to do is to take an hour each day and put it away. #anhouradayputitaway

It gives me and chump time to talk, play and connect. It makes him feel like he has my full attention as he does and time to open up and us to make memories that will last a lifetime. So every day I put it away for an hour. And for March of 2022 I am challenging each and every one of you moms and dads for an hour a day put it away! Below I have a print off of a checklist for the parent unplugged challenge. Print it off (it’s free) and check the boxes each day! It’s one hour! And since we wont have our phones for that hour take a photo of your checklist afterwards and tell me what you done with your littles for your hour by using the hashtags #parentunpluggedchallenge2022 and #anhouradayputitaway on instagram, Facebook, and twitter! I’ll be uploading mine too! You can upload each day or at the end of the week! I can’t wait to hear the ways you connected with your littles for an unplugged hour each day!

Download your checklist below and start the Parent Unplugged Challenge today!

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