Easy Light Pasta Salad

With the summer heat coming in hot I’ve been all about light and easy. Pasta salad is an all time favorite! I remember when I was young the first time I ever had pasta salad was at a family reunion in Murphy North Carolina. I don’t know who made it but it was absolutely amazing!Continue reading “Easy Light Pasta Salad”

Coconut Rice

Ahhhh Its finally spring and summer is right around the corner. That means a whole seperate menu for the seasons ahead. We aren’t looking for hot soups and keep us warm food. It’s time for feel good food thats perfect for patio dinners! In our home this time of year I like to look forContinue reading “Coconut Rice”

Parent Unplugged Challenge

So many of us are so engulfed in our devices and social media that often times we forget that not only do we for our mental healths sake need to unplug got a bit every now and then we forget that sometimes our children needs us to unplug as well. There is something about unpluggingContinue reading “Parent Unplugged Challenge”

5 Things To Turn Green For St. Patricks Day Fun!

St. Patricks day is coming up March 17th and green is the color of the day! So many fun ways to make this cute little holiday extra exciting for your little but for today we are gonna look at five things we can turn green that keep the color theme going and make sure theContinue reading “5 Things To Turn Green For St. Patricks Day Fun!”

My Keto Favorites & Must Haves Shopping List

Often times we need a little extra help or time finding Keto options in the grocery store. So today I have compiled a list on Walmart’s website that has so many items and options. Now while every option don’t say “Keto” on the package the proof is in the nutrition facts (and I use themContinue reading “My Keto Favorites & Must Haves Shopping List”

3 Memberships Every Parent Needs for All Year Fun

As parents we want to take our kids and do fun stuff. We want to keep them entertained and we want to make memories with them. One of my favorite memories growing up was our family would constantly go on vacations to pigeon forge. We didn’t have a lot of money but we would generallyContinue reading “3 Memberships Every Parent Needs for All Year Fun”

5 ways to show and teach your littles love on valentines day

There are many ways to celebrate holidays and many different traditions to choose from. However valentines day isn’t usually about tradition for most. But today I wanted to bring you a small list of fun things you can make traditions that show love to your child and set and example for them on how toContinue reading “5 ways to show and teach your littles love on valentines day”

How to Get Your Little in a Bedtime Routine

Let’s face it sleep routine and bedtime is a struggle for every mom at some point or another. For me it started from day one. The night we brought him home was a complete mess. From that night on we slept in shifts holding our baby it was awful. We didn’t really get to enjoyContinue reading “How to Get Your Little in a Bedtime Routine”

5 Great Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

It’s that time again and let’s face it TAX TIME! With refunds being filed and early advances being deposited the biggest question for some is how to spend it to get the most bang for their buck. Many people get huge amounts of money and in days it’s gone. Worse off they often have nothingContinue reading “5 Great Ways to Use Your Tax Refund”

Keto TikTok “pasta”

I’m so excited to make a keto version of the Tomato and Feta TikTok pasta tonight for dinner and bring it to you all here after a much needed break from the blog. I love this because even without pasta you can customized this for your family. So tonight I bring you Tomato and fetaContinue reading “Keto TikTok “pasta””