Tuna Salad 2 Ways

I’m a very snacky person and Tuna salad is one of the easiest snacks and I can make a bunch of it! So easy So good and can fit into my keto diet! However I actually made two batches this week one keto one not! So with Tuna salad its hard for me to giveContinue reading “Tuna Salad 2 Ways”

Am I Going Crazy? The Ramblings of a Grief Stricken Mother

DISCLAIMER: This post mentions grief, infant loss, death, and possibly more triggering topics. If these topics trigger you in anyway with absolutely zero offense taken I urge you to close this post. If you are looking for a help with one of these subjects or are needing a professional in the mental health field pleaseContinue reading “Am I Going Crazy? The Ramblings of a Grief Stricken Mother”

10 Things to Start your Fire Pit Season Off Right

Here we are coming to the end of August which means fall is coming quickly ready or not! Along with fall comes fire pit season. I LOVE fire pit season. the last few years we didn’t have a fire pit because our apartment had a strict rule about open flames even in the yard! HoweverContinue reading “10 Things to Start your Fire Pit Season Off Right”

Chicken Meatballs

This chicken meatballs recipe is so good and easy to make. My favorite way to make these is in the air fryer! These are one of Lucas’s favorite lunches and honestly mine too especially since they are generally pretty keto with only about 4 carbs! What You’ll Need Ground chicken 1 Liptons onion Soup MixContinue reading “Chicken Meatballs”

Honey and Rosemary Whole Chicken with Potatoes

I am always up for a sweet and savory meal! There is something about sweet and savory that really gets my taste buds tingling. This whole chicken meal is perfect for guests or small families depending on the size of your chicken. What You’ll Need 1 Whole Chicken Potatoes (these can be regular baking potatoesContinue reading “Honey and Rosemary Whole Chicken with Potatoes”

A Weekend In Charleston SC

Charleston, SC is my legit favorite place to visit so far. Something about the city makes my soul happy. I don’t know if its the fact that its rich in history or the colorful cheer each amazing building brings to its neighborhood. But Charleston is my happy place! This past year has been a realContinue reading “A Weekend In Charleston SC”