Easy Peasy Taco Bowl for Littles

Cooking for Lucas is one of my favorite ways as a mom to show I love him. Cookies, Pizzas, and Tacos. However he recently (and us too) have found out he loves the $1 pasta rice sides. I found out as well that adding chicken broth to the chicken flavored ones (his favorites) makes itContinue reading “Easy Peasy Taco Bowl for Littles”

5 Surprisingly Keto Foods

If you’re starting out on keto let’s face it you’re probably looking at recipes and wondering “what can I actually eat besides almond flour, water, and meat?”. Little did you know there are plenty of things you are already eating that are actually okay on the Keto Diet depending on how you are doing yours.Continue reading “5 Surprisingly Keto Foods”

Tuna Melt Stuffed Tomatoes

Easy dinners are some of my favorite meals. Add farm fresh vegetables or fruits and we are in business! Last night for dinner I definitely needed something easy to make as I had been in quite a depressed state lately. These Tuna melt stuffed tomatoes were perfect! Make sure you keep the insides so youContinue reading “Tuna Melt Stuffed Tomatoes”